Closet Song #4: Cashmere Sweater

Closet song #4:   Cashmere Sweater!

It's spring, sort of; just about time to put those sweaters at the back of your closet for the season!  But you do it at your own risk....



Closet Song #3: Black Pants

And the third entry:   Black Pants, featuring Richard Travers on piano, Julia Ansolabehere on clarinet, and me doing most everything else:


And in case you are wondering:  after the big Selling-My-House-Cleanout, I am down to...let's see....only four pairs!


Closet Song #2 -- White Shirt

Featuring Richard Travers on the piano, Linda Toote on the flute, and Julia Ansolabehere on the clarinet.   Julia also serves as Airborne Food Choreographer.



Launching my first VMA!

I am getting ready to launch my very first Video Music Album!   Or maybe it's supposed to be called a Visual Music Album; I'm not really sure.   Basically, it will be exactly like Beyoncé's Lemonade! Except for a few minor…

Private showing

I am holding a soggy bra when I get a text from our realtor:   can she bring a potential buyer through the house in three hours?

Of course, I respond.  And then I turn to the problem on hand:  where…

Kondo Association

For the past month or so we have been diligently cleaning out our house, giving things away as fast as we can.   Yes, I know, Tidying Up is having its cultural moment.  But this effort of ours has nothing to…

At HOME with Google

About a month ago I received a Google Home device in the mail.   It was a free gift for renewing a Verizon contract, or some such thing.  It sounded like it would be a fun thing to have; and it…


The Leaky Pen Waltz

Shot last week in Santa Barbara!   Check out Julia Ansolabehere on the clarinet.   Thanks to Steve Ansolabehere for his ace iPhone camerawork, and to Rick Travers for his musical guidance.


Resolutions, L.A. Style

It is the dawn of 2019 -- time for a round of resolutions!   I am fortunate to have spent the past week in Los Angeles, a city deeply committed to self-improvement.  So I have decided to draw my New Year's…

Giving Season

It is the season of giving at our house -- mostly because we are planning to sell the house in a few months, and in preparation we are giving away as much as possible.    We're making trip after trip to…

Suburban Pioneer

Last Sunday I went full-on Pioneer Woman and made my own butter.

What occasioned this spasm of DIY was that I'd bought some heavy cream for Thanksgiving, because you never know which of your five desserts will need to be…