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The audience for my blog and my songs is not large; mostly family and friends. Please know that I am grateful for every person who bothers to read or listen.   I am particularly grateful for the folks who take time…

Operating Instructions

I am a moderately tech-savvy middle-aged person.   I don't write code or anything; but I am pretty good at finding my way around both software and hardware.  I've served as family tech support for many years.   Last month I installed…


Rhapsody on Hold

A new music video to start the school year!

Featuring Sheree Galpert, and the voices of Holly Kania, Mimi Rutledge, Emily Miller and yours truly.   Steve Ansolabehere served as literary consultant.  Special thanks to Rick Travers, the Boston Public Library…


Make American Great Again

It was not an auspicious way to start a weekend.

I had just finished a tiring week of out-of-town work and I headed to the airport for what was to be an arduous trip home:   first flight from New Orleans…

Urban Me

Before I moved into the city, I had a garden.   It was not a large garden by suburban standards:  150 sq ft of vegetables, maybe 50 sq ft of herbs, some perennial beds.  I gardened it intensely, obsessively.  I grew…

The Things We Bring

Once upon a time, I had a lot of paper clips.  Sooooooo many paper clips!   And staples.

I remember buying these paper clips.  It was in 2000: I was just going into business for myself, and outfitting my home office…

Going for the Bronze

I was on quite a roll for a while!   I wrapped up my first visual album, Closet Songs, and then posted the songs, one a week, from March through April.   Not missing a beat, I followed it up with…

If at first you don't succeed, sell, sell again

I have just sold my house!  For the third time, in as many weeks.   It looks like this offer will stick, and this long process may finally be coming to an end.  There have been lots of ups and downs…


Closet Song #5: Red Dress

Here it is, fifth and final Closet Song!   Featuring Julia Ansolabehere on the clarinet and Richard Travers on the piano.   Special thanks abound:  to Rebecca Ansolabehere, Stephen Ansolabehere, Julie and Paul Fox, Allison Hausman, Cawfee Tawk, Kattalina Berriotxoa, and the…


Closet Song #4: Cashmere Sweater

Closet song #4:   Cashmere Sweater!

It's spring, sort of; just about time to put those sweaters at the back of your closet for the season!  But you do it at your own risk....



Closet Song #3: Black Pants

And the third entry:   Black Pants, featuring Richard Travers on piano, Julia Ansolabehere on clarinet, and me doing most everything else:


And in case you are wondering:  after the big Selling-My-House-Cleanout, I am down to...let's see....only four pairs!


Closet Song #2 -- White Shirt

Featuring Richard Travers on the piano, Linda Toote on the flute, and Julia Ansolabehere on the clarinet.   Julia also serves as Airborne Food Choreographer.