Whitey Bulger in the Garden

Anyone who is easily offended by off-color language may want to skip today's post.   The topic invites, even demands, profanity.   I am talking, of course, about organic gardening.

I have been gardening, and gardening organically, for the better part of…

Empty nest trial run

The first weekend of our empty nest trial run culminated in a wild naked bicycle ride through the streets of Cambridge.

OK.   So Steve and I weren’t actually on bicycles.   And we were fully clothed.   But we watched about 50…


New blog! New album! New me!

I am itching to record a second album.  

My first album, “Songs of Domestic Bliss,” sold like hotcakes.   I can say that because nobody, in 2013, buys hotcakes; who even knows what hotcakes are?   In the final tally, gross…