Toaster Child

Last week it was my birthday.    So I decided to treat myself to a new toaster.

The old toaster was really a dud.  

It just didn't toast very well.   Usually only the top heating element fired; which meant that the top of the bread got toasty while the bottom stayed kind of soggy.   Unless you fired up the broiler, in which case only the bottom element fired.  Which is the exact opposite of what is supposed to happen.

I haven't had this toaster for all that long; really only about a year and a half.  And the problems with it were evident early on.   I should have returned it and asked for a repair or replacement, but I didn't, because, well, life. 

But this time I did the research!   I Googled "best toaster oven," and came up with the Breville SmartOven.   After measuring my counter space and checking product dimensions, I settled on the smaller model (cleverly named the "Breville Mini Smart Oven").  And people LOVE this oven!   Here's a customer review from the Williams Sonoma website:

Lots of five-star reviews on Amazon!   Here are a few of the headlines:

And another rave from Best Buy:

This clearly is the "best of the best!"   So I am confident that this time around, I will not be disappointed; my toast will be everything i want it to be.

And here is my new toaster!



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