The Stork Goes to Europe

In a couple of weeks I will be heading to the recording studio to start work on my second album.   This is enormously exciting for me, but also a little scary, since it will once again involve an outlay of a bit of money and a lot of time.  But no problem, because my first album continues to rake in the cash:   $54.87, in fact, deposited in my bank account by CDBaby on December 24.   It was the only music-related payment I received in 2013.

I am definitely keeping my day job.

But financial windfalls aside, the payment report from CDBaby was actually pretty exciting, because it showed that a bunch of people have listened to my songs over the past year.   Most of the activity was through Spotify, which pays (as far as I can tell) a penny per song played.   But the most exciting thing on the report was revenue of $.86 from iTunes Europe -- as it turns out, for a single purchase of one song from my album, "The Stork."  

Who in Europe could have purchase this song?   I can't be positive, but I'm pretty sure it has something to do with Kate Middleton and rumors of her second pregnancy--she must be looking for parenting advice on how to explain to Prince George the impending arrival of a new sibling.

If she were to have logged onto the blog today, Kate could have saved herself $.86, because here it is for free:

Of course, by posting this as a free download I have just killed my entire European marketing strategy.    Too bad about that.


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