Pillow Talk

I have a thing about pillows.

Like many (most?) of my fellow humans, I have chronic back problems.  It's s a species design flaw.   I have found ways to deal with it, like everyone else.   One of my strategies involves sleeping with a lot of pillows.

I do have a favorite!   It's this thing:

You know that guy!   It's Mike Lindell, the inventor of MyPillow®.    He spent over two years inventing MyPillow®, featured his Patented Fill, so that it would be everything anyone would ever want in a pillow!   It’s machine-warshable [sic] and dryable!   And all of his pillows are manufactured in Mike Lindell’s home state of Minnesota!

Yeah, I know, those commercials.   Endless.   But the thing is, it's a really good pillow.   I feel the difference when I'm traveling and sleep on something else.  It does come in a travel version.

I did consider buying one.  But then I'd be That Woman Who Travels With Her Pillow.   And that's just a bridge too far.

But:   I did buy MyPillows® for each of my daughters when they were complaining about waking up with stiff necks, and they both reported that their MyPillows® solved the problem.  My husband likes his.  My mom got one, and she likes it, too.

So there you have it:   100% of humans surveyed, aged 19 to 80, find that this pillow makes a positive improvement in their sleeping lives.   And as Mike Lindell will tell you, nothing is more important to our health than sleep.

Here, then, is what I'm wondering.   I am a firm believer in evolution:  Charles Darwin is my dude.   What, then, in the theory of natural selection, can explain the fact that an entire species has evolved specifically to need a pillow that Mike Lindell invented in 2004?

And while I'm at it:   why don't non-human animals need pillows?

Then again, why do I assume they don't?   Maybe a planet-full of foxes, cats and ducks are waking up every day with stiff necks and kvetching about it constantly.   We humans just aren't smart enough to know.

Which, of course, raises another question:   who will be the Mike Lindell of the cockroach world?  

Then again, why do I assume there isn't one?   Maybe a planet-full of cockroaches have created an efficient worldwide distribution mechanism for a tiny (to us) but absurdly effective sleeping device, which, among its many virtues, is the cockroach version of machine-warshable and -dryable.   

We humans just aren't smart enough to know.

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  • Megan
    wow I hated mine! But I love this post :-)

    wow I hated mine! But I love this post :-)

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