It's quiet...too quiet...

Yesterday morning I dropped my younger child off at the airport so she could head back to college for the beginning of her sophomore year.   A few days earlier, my husband left for his sabbatical, a round-the-world adventure.   Except for a brief cameo appearance around Thanksgiving, he'll be gone for the better part of six months.  

All of a sudden, it's very quiet around here.

I'll be fine; I'm an introvert, and spending stretches of time on my own doesn't phase me.   My older daughter lives close by, and she is excellent company.  I have wonderful friends.   Of course, spending this stretch of time on my own is not my first choice.  Living with people you love is a gift.  One of the best.  

But there are advantages!   I've spent the last several decades shaping my lifestyle and my schedule around my husband and kids.  With nobody else here, I can do exactly what I want, the way I want to do it, pretty much all the time.  

I can stock the freezer with the flavors of ice cream that I like!   Forget these dumb fruity flavors.   Black raspberry and lemon:  YOU'RE FIRED!

Look, I have nothing against fruit.  I love fruit!  My point is, if you want fruit, you should eat a piece of fruit.  If you want ice cream, you should eat it the way God intended:   flavored with a caffeinated beverage.

If it has chocolate bits suspended in it -- so much the better!

Chunky Monkey: now there's a worthwhile ice cream option!

What's that?   Bananas are a fruit?   Well, quibble if you must.  A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds.

The point is, now I can make my bed as soon as I get up in the morning.   And it will stay made the whole day.

Under normal circumstances, when I make the bed as soon as I get up in the morning, Steve is still in it.  Over time I have found that this strategy has certain disadvantages from both his perspective and mine.

I am a major tea drinker.   I drink coffee, too (especially when it is suspended in ice cream -- see above), but really, I down large quantities of tea.  For some years, I have been buying single-estate Assams from Upton Teas, a Massachusetts Purveyor of Fine Teas.   Assams are strong, dark teas, breakfast-style.  Really, these single-estate teas all taste pretty much the same; but it's a small luxury and choosing the teas keeps me entertained on boring conference calls.

In my normal life, I favor the quick-brewing, broken-leaf varieties -- you can get a fine cup in about three minutes:

But now I am thinking of branching out to the whole-leaf varieties, which are a little finer-flavored (or so they say; to be honest, I can't really tell) but take longer to steep.

Yes, that's correct:  I may steep my tea for four minutes!   Or even five.

Because now I have that kind of time.




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  • Nance Marshall
    Nance Marshall
    I just love these little updates! THANKS!! ENJOY :)

    I just love these little updates!
    ENJOY smile

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