Announcing my upcoming concert tour!

CDBaby, the website on which I sell my music, is constantly telling me that I should use my blog to announce my upcoming concert schedule.   I have failed to heed this sound advice for many reasons, the biggest being that I have not had any concerts to announce.   Now, however, I am finally ready to make appropriate use of the blog to announce my grand tour.  So here it is:


Monday, April 27, 10 am

Newton Lifetime Learning Series

Wilson Chapel at Andover Newton Theological Seminary in Newton, MA

OK.   So it's a rather short concert season; and the global tour is staying within three miles of my house.  Still:   for the first time I'll be performing a full hour program of original songs, for an audience of people who are not actually related to me.   And I'm pretty pumped.

For this exploit I will be joined by the inimitable Richard Travers, my music teacher, a wonderful musician, all-around awesome guy, and tremendously good sport.   He probably has a press photo, which I probably should have requested before posting this global tour announcement.   This is not it:

Photo by Tom LaMark, another musical mentor par excellence

The biggest part of preparing for this gig, I have discovered, is attempting to memorize lyrics that I myself have written.   I am truly puzzled as to why this is so difficult.    I have cleared the 50-year birthday hump without apparent incident; and so far my memory appears to be more or less intact.   Further, I am GOOD at remembering lyrics.  For example, I can still sing, from first track to last, every lyric to every song in the Raffi magnum opus Bananaphone, despite the fact that my opera-loving younger child has not listened to it in at least a dozen years.   To whit:

Ring ring ring ring ring ring

Ping pong ping pong ping pong ping
It grows in bunches
I've got my hunches
It's the best
Beats the rest
Cellular, modular, interactive oddular


Now THOSE, my friends, are LYRICS!   Unforgettable.   Unlike, apparently, my own.    But please join me on my world tour and see how well I manage.   Brand-new songs, never before heard by human ears, include an homage to midlife yoga practice, and a road song about Massachusetts' own Route 128.   Come on over to Andover Newton Theological Seminary and sing along!  




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  • Henry M
    Henry M
    Ah, Bananaphone, truly a timeless work of art. Now it's stuck in my head.

    Ah, Bananaphone, truly a timeless work of art. Now it's stuck in my head.

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