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The Stork Goes to Europe

In a couple of weeks I will be heading to the recording studio to start work on my second album.   This is enormously exciting for me, but also a little scary, since it will once again involve an outlay of a bit of money and a lot of time.  But no problem, because my first album continues to rake in the cash:   $54.87, in fact, deposited in my bank account by CDBaby on December 24.   It was the only music-related payment I received in 2013.

I am definitely keeping my day job.

A good birthday scrub

Yesterday was my birthday.   I was blessed with calls from family, sweet and thoughtful gifts and notes from friends, and a lovely dinner out with dear friends followed by an equally lovely dinner out with my husband and our younger daughter.   Email brought birthday wishes from my dentist, the Red Cross, and a dating service.   Along with messages from friends near and far, Facebook (clearly respecting the sanctity of my personal information, like, I don't know, my birthday) offered me this:



The memos I didn't get

I spent much of the past week trapped in a hotel room with a jacuzzi.


Re-run of a favorite holiday music video

OK:  it's my favorite of my holiday music videos.   It's also my ONLY holiday music video.   But in the words of my people:  what's not to like?

You can now find all my music videos on this website's new "videos" page.   Check it out! 

But first, watch this:


Airborne Snacks

Air travel is such an odd experience.    Last Sunday I got on a plane in Boston (45 degrees) and got off in Kansas City (15 degrees).   On Tuesday I flew to Tampa (79 degrees); on Friday I returned to Boston (20 degrees).    Such huge transitions in a such a short period of time!    It's like the laws of nature don't apply.

Certainly it's like the laws of MY nature don't apply.    Air travel means that I need to stand in lines a lot and sit still for long periods of time.   I believe that these are my two very least favorite activities (followed closely by dental surgery).  


Giving thanks, giving blood

My life last week:

Tuesday I braved the insanity that is Whole Foods two days before Thanksgiving.   Wednesday I hosted a latke party for nine, brined the turkey, made the beds for the first wave of houseguests, and cooked the pastry cream for the Buche de Thanksgivukkah (pictured below).   Thursday was Thanksgiving for 13 (15, really, but two didn't show up), including two turkeys, stuffing, cranberry sauce, buckets of veggies of all sorts, two kinds of homemade bread, a couple of pies, and of course, the Buche:

Friday I woke up early to make muffins for the crowd, washed the sheets and towels after the first round of departing houseguests, served lunch for six, drove to the train station, served dinner for four.   Saturday I woke at 4:45 am to drive my older daughter to the airport, worked out, helped out at synagogue, took my younger daughter shoe shopping, and hosted a leftover fest for eight. 

By Sunday I was exhausted.   So I did the most relaxing thing I could think of:  I went to the local Masonic hall to donate blood.

Ringtone #3!

Your next ringtone is ready right now--be the first kid on the block to get it!   Best part:   you'll never have to wonder whether the phone that's ringing is yours.

This file is ready for your iPhone:


Or you can listen and/or load the mp3:



Hell Outta Bat

These are the steps to follow should you find a bat flying around inside your house:

1.   Jump up and down and scream (recommended:  "A bat!  A bat!! A bat!!!)

2.   Calmly and rationally, take a moment to review what you know about bats:

a.  They are helpful animals, eating a gazillion times their weight in mosquitos and other harmful insects

b.  Most bats are not rabid:  95% of the bats caught in Massachusetts test negative for rabies

c.  Of course, that means that 5% of the bats in MA do test positive for rabies

d.  And there are no mosquitoes inside the house, so what the hell is it doing in here?

3.   Repeat Step #1.







Ringtone #2! It's a ringtone AND a public service announcement!

And here it is!   You can download the ringtone here to your iPhone:


Or listen and download it as an mp3 for your Android or whatever:



November is Ringtone Month -- Week 1!

One brand-new, totally free, downloadable ringtone for you, every week for the entire  month?   What could be better?

To hear the ringtone, or to download it as an mp3 file (good for Androids and other non-Apple phones), click here:

And here's a file in m4r format, for iPhone users -- click here to download:


Enjoy!   And don't fret if you tire of it quickly -- there will be a new one next week!



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